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The Skrang River Safari

Skrang is an exciting destination for visitors who see and experience life in a longhouse, once the home of the notorious pirates and head-hunters.

The journeys to Skrang is about 232 kilometres from Kuching. It takes about 5 hours by road and followed by a 1 1/2 hours of motor-propelled longboat journey along the Skrang river.

Spend the night at a longhouse to experience the traditions and customs of the Dayak Ibans. The highlights of the Skrang River Safari is an evening entertainment by the longhouse residents, featuring traditional dances and music. Tuak, a specially brewed rice wine will be served during the evening entertainment.

A jungle walk on the following day is equally interesting. It is an exciting experience to stroll through the dense tropical rainforest, where stimulating sights and sounds open up a world of wonderful discovery.

The Lemanak River Safari

Lemanak is a tributary of the main Batang Lupar River. Many traditional longhouses can be found situated along the river.

Like Skrang, the Lemanak River is another exciting destination within easy reach from Kuching.

About 220 kilometres away from Kuching, Lemanak can be reached in about 5 hours by road. The journey passes through the scenic countryside, rubber and pepper plantations, padi fields, sago palms and followed by an hour motorised-longboat ride penetrating the tropical rainforest through meandering stream.

An overnight stay gives you an opportunity to have a glimpse of the lifestyle of the longhouse and its people. An evening entertainment by the longhouse folks is most interesting and educational. Traditional dances and music are the highlight of the evening entertainment.

Cock-fighting and jungle trekking on the following day are other highlights of the Lemanak River Safari.

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